Would you like to lead our remote legal initiative in the UK?

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Have you ever noticed a pattern when purchasing services in a business setting; that the services offered were just suboptimal in one way or another? Maybe you have had a desire to take control of things - whole industries, even - and turn them upside down to make them even better. Have you ever questioned why not more services, or entire organisations operate remotely, given the reality of today’s digital world?

If this sounds like you, then you might just be the person we are looking for to join our team, as head of legal in the UK. 

About the role

Going into the role as a head of legal, means that you will be working closely with our country manager and will be a first point of contact between consultants and clients. You will play an important role in shaping and starting up a legal service in your country and Synega will provide you with all the resources to launch both efficiently and properly. Our structure is set up in a way so that we don’t require you to work 100% for Synega until you have built up your monthly payout to a sustainable level. Meaning that if you want to start with us part-time and transition into a full-time job, this is possible. If you are a consultant, own a small consultancy company or an entrepreneur - you might just be the perfect head of legal for the UK.

Key responsibilities for this role include:
  • Do the initial market assessment and set the strategic direction for your service’s growth within your country.
  • Do the initial set-up of the service within your country and develop sales channels.
  • Recruit consultants.
  • Work closely with the Country Manager, develop sound strategic plans, resourcing/financial plans, and the direction for your team.
  • Establish procedures linked to compliance and reporting.
  • Oversee the efficient and profitable development and operation of your service’s offering in your country.
  • Ensure quality outcomes, volume growth, revenue cycle optimization and labor efficiencies, and make decisions to enhance these (hereunder the decision to hire, expand resources, pursue alternative market strategies or objectives, etc.)
  • Maintain oversight of the service’s financial profitability and report to the Country Manager on a regular basis.
Necessary Qualifications
  • Highly motivated and self-driven; curious, with an innovative mindset, geared toward the future. You should really burn for change and want to challenge established structures.
  • Educational background in law/business, or a related field.
  • Experience in working in a corporate legal environment or similar
  • Additionally, cross-functional experience working with technology, business development, and marketing would be a big asset.
  • Good business acumen.
  • Analytical and strategic mindset; able to analyze market data and develop strategies.
  • Adaptable and willing to learn, work well under pressure and able to pivot quickly according to necessity; able to wear multiple hats on the same day.
  • Excellent at time management in a remote work environment; able to perform duties remotely.
  • Excellent working skills in English.
  • Good interpersonal skills is an advantage as you will in part be managing stakeholders.
What we can offer you
  • Career growth: An opportunity to challenge you and truly help you grow your career, by gaining experience working in a position fundamental to a business’s strategic success in a forward-thinking start-up with traction.
  • A share of the business: Unique opportunity to gain a stake in a growing business. If you are keen to make your mark and shape the direction of a growing business, look no further.
  • Flexible working hours: Time is precious - make it count. Whether you are a morning person or a night owl, this job is for you.
  • Unlimited holiday: Take time to relax and reboot when you need it.
  • Working remotely: You know how you perform best. Work from home, the office, your favorite coffee shop, or overseas, whenever you feel like it.
  • Work-life balance: Take time out for your family, friends, and personal interests.
About us

Synega is a 100 % remote consulting company. We provide services within accounting, audit, management consulting, and legal. We started with accounting in 2015, as Norway’s perhaps first fully remote accounting firm at the time. Up until today, we have taken in over 1,000 clients.

Our focus now is to get Synega out into the world, and we are currently working on establishing ourselves in the USA, UK, Germany, India, and Sweden.

To go with our professional services, we have developed two IT-systems for working in and managing businesses: “Enterprise”, which is what we use internally; suitable for larger companies, and “CRM+”, which is a simpler version of Enterprise; suitable for small and medium companies.

Our vision is clear: To be the preferred business partner for any client, anywhere in the world. We will achieve this by powering our customers with the best services, at the most suitable prices, all online. This includes ensuring quality of consultants and deliverables, and offering the services all on the client’s terms, through merging the oversight and reliability of a professional services agency with the convenience and freedom of a digital platform.

Our values ​​are closely linked to who we are and how we work:

Freedom and flexibility. Our motivation has always been to let the people who work for us decide themselves how much, when, and where they should work. As long as you have a PC, a phone, an internet connection, and a quiet place to work, you’re good.

Openness and transparency. Since we work exclusively online, it is important to have transparency about who we are and what we work on, at all times.

Life should be fun! To help clients solve challenges, and to make IT-systems that directly affect the way people work, is fun. It’s also rewarding. Nothing pleases us more than talking to people who have had their lives changed for the better; either by working with us, or by using our systems.

Do you want to learn more about Synega? Click on the link to go to our global recruitment page: https://synega.no/global/